Should You Outsource Client Meeting Prep?

As an advisor with a growing practice, you are always looking for smarter and more affordable ways to execute key functions of your business. One area where many advisors look to streamline and improve is in their client meeting prep. Client meetings are an essential piece of the advisor’s business, but not every advisor has the skills or team to effectively develop and deliver a quality client meeting prep process. This is why many advisors look to outsource their client meeting prep. But does it make sense to outsource client meeting prep for your practice?

Benefits of Outsourced Client Meeting Prep

One of the most immediate and obvious benefits of outsourced client meeting prep is that it gives you a ready-made process that you can plug into your practice right away. This saves you valuable time and energy that you would have to spend in order to develop it on your own. Most outsourcing services deliver the client meeting prep service for a low flat fee per meeting. This makes it much more cost effective than hiring a new person to handle client prep or diverting time and energy of existing team members to client meeting efforts. By leveraging a third party, the advisor and his or her staff can stay focused on high-value tasks while still walking into every client meeting fully prepared to maximize opportunities for the client and the firm. A third-party service is also a way to immediate fill the gap should a team member leave the practice. They can help keep your client prep moving while you look for a full-time replacement, or if you need to scale beyond your current capacity but don’t have enough extra work yet to justify hiring another person full time.

Additionally, using a third party gives the advisor a fresh perspective. This often leads to uncovering overlooked opportunities or avenues that the advisor might not consider on their own. This ensures that the client is getting the most out of the experience, while also identifying new opportunities to generate revenue for the practice.

Key Things to Consider When Outsourcing

When it comes to using a third party for client meeting prep, it is important to use a provider who has intimate knowledge of your broker dealer’s offerings and internal reporting systems. This ensures that they have the ability to pull all relevant data and reports and that they can make recommendations that are actually feasible. You also want to work with a provider who has a proven track record of delivering outsourced meeting prep. You don’t want to be the firm that someone experiments on.

It’s also important to look for a provider who has a strong process and who will customize their approach to fit your unique practice. You want the service to seamlessly integrate into your practice and strengthen your offerings. It should reflect your values, investment style, and meet both your and your client’s needs.

Overall, outsourcing your client meeting prep is a cost-effective way to strengthen and enhance your client meeting process. It lets you focus on other critical areas of your business while ensuring you can deliver a consistent quality experience for your client.

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