Comprehensive Practice Management

Organized and Optimized to Deliver World-Class Service

Our proven Complete Practice Management solution was designed to cover every aspect of your business operation. We give your team the tools, training, and systems and accountability needed to run a world-class financial advisory business. You will have a scalable operation that delivers value to your clients with every interaction and increases the value of your book of business.

Get Your Team in Sync

Our Practice Management team works with you and your team on an on-going basis. We train your staff using our proprietary systems which include: streamlined workflows, model work weeks, accountability tracking, inter-practice communication tools, and documentation.

We help you develop and implement a comprehensive client service policy so that every client is put on a repeating schedule to receive regular communication and outstanding service. Never let things slip through the cracks again! Wow your clients with service that exceeds their expectations!

What's Included

One of the primary objectives of this service is to free the advisor up from the daily oversight of the practice so he/she can act as CEO. We handle the training and oversight of your team so that you can focus on growth and managing the business.

Complete Practice Management requires a minimum of a 12-month contract. The initial onboarding process includes a 1-3 day visit from us to your location. During this time, one of our coaches will meet with each person on your team.

After the initial onboarding, the Complete Practice Management Solution includes:

  • Individual weekly meetings with team members
  • Defining each person's roles and responsibilities
  • Customized model work weeks for each team member
  • Staff training and accountability
  • Tracking and documenting systems
  • Implementation of a client service policy
  • Proprietary practice management software - KONECTâ„¢
  • Regular educational webinars
  • Regular reporting to the CEO of progress

What's the fee?

Prior to this engagement, you will receive a detailed summary of the service and a quote explaining everything included. Typical fees range from $2,500 to $5,000 per month depending upon the size and structure of your practice and the number of team members involved.

How to Begin

Most practices sign up for Complete Practice Management after completing an In-Depth Practice Assessment. While this step is not required to sign up for Complete Practice Management, the In-Depth Practice Assessment helps you better understand the specific areas that we would address in a longer-term engagement.

Practice Management Team

Dawn RemDirector
Ph: 248.404.9667
Ben ThelenCoach
Ph: 734.294.5206
Stacy SchafferTeam Support Specialist
Ph: 248.404.9667
Brandi HarveyCoach
Ph: 248.218.1274
Jenna WalczakCoach
Ph: 248.602.3768
Tricia StoverCoach
Ph: 248.244.0753
Nicole MeehanHiring Consultant
Ph: 248.404.9660
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